Beware of the Law Societies. They will hurt you

Law Societies exist, not to protect you from lawyers, but to protect lawyers from you.

The Lawless Society of Upper Class Canada reinstates disbarred lawyers even those who have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That law society gets about 5000 complaints about Ontario lawyers each year. How many do they act on? less than one hundred.

Did you know that law society employees cannot be sued when doing their “job?” Why are they special?

The LSUC has been trying to drive CanLaw out of business for years because we compete with their pathetic referrals service. We came along and offered free referrals when LSUC was charging you for a referral to the next lawyer on the list.

Because we were free, LSUC had to stop charging which cost them about $250.000 a year in lost sales. So they figured they could condemn CanLaw, drive us out of business and reinstate their fees.

Well they are wrong.

What do you say about LSUC and the other law societies?