Pamella Stagg lied to the courts

I had the great misfortune of dating the artist Pamella Stagg for a time. She told me her boss (Gerry Kane) had called her a competent hack and she would get even with him.

Since sexual harassment is in the news these days, I will add that Pamella Stagg offered sex for favours to me on several occasions at work. I did not accept any sex from her until we started dating. She was really lousy in bed.

She was using me to get a married man, Morry(sp?) Katz, to separate from his wife and marry her. She lied about the relationship to me claiming he was just a friend. (She ended up marrying him.)

When she admitted the truth I broke up with her. She retaliated by filing a false criminal charge against me alleging I slapped her or some such.

At the first appearance on that matter she withdrew the charge. She should have been charged for making a false allegation but being a woman, she got away with it.

Years later she testified against me that I had assaulted her in that matter despite the fact she had previously admitted she lied. Being a woman she was believed.

HERE IS THE CRAZY PART:  An acquaintance of mine Vangie Lentgis, told me long after the above events, that Pamella Stagg phoned her when I broke up with her. Stagg had never met Lengtis but I had mentioned her and we all worked in advertising, so it was simple for Stagg to find Lentgis.

Stagg tole Vangie that she wanted to get even with me so she would charge me with assault. BUT WOULD VANGIE TESTIFY ON MY BEHALF SO I WOULD BE SURE TO BE ACQUITTED.

This is the world we live in. When a woman accuses a man she is believed because courts “believe the victim.”

When the accusations turn out to be false, the woman walks away but the man’s reputation is damaged or ruined.

So tell me Where is the Justice ???