Women make false accusations all the time and get away with it

Women have always traded sex for gain.

How do you account for the fact that men are regularly propositioned by women currying favour?

In the advertising business, I was offered sex many times by women, (models, actresses etc.) seeking an advantage. I will not name one, who went on to become a major TV and movie star whose name you would certainly know.

No, I did not comply, but if any woman accused me I, like all men today would be instantly presumed guilty regardless of the truth. I have been the victim of false accusations on several occasions.

A couple weeks ago in Toronto, I got on an elevator and a young women revealingly dressed also got on. I was stunned to catch myself deciding that if she and I were the only people on the elevator I would not have got on. False accusations are a dime a dozen these days.

Last month, a female lawyer, a client of my business who was delinquent, threatened in writing to charge me with harassment and death threats for sending routine reminder invoices.

All male university students are now treated as rapists by their schools.

Women say they want equality, but that is not true. They want privilege without responsibility or work